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Diploma in Early Childhood Education

Course overview

Qualification Diploma
Study mode Full-time
Duration 3 years
Intakes January, June, September
Tuition (Local students) S$ 6,317
Tuition (Foreign students) S$ 15,449


Early childhood educators have been recognized as critical occupations in Malaysia's 2018/2019 list! Since 2020, holding a diploma in early childhood has become the minimum requirement for individuals aspiring to work in preschools or kindergartens across Malaysia. This underscores the essential need for qualified early childhood professionals who can positively impact young lives during their formative years. SEGi’s Diploma in Early Childhood is meticulously designed by a team of experts who have delivered esteemed programs such as the Montessori Diploma on behalf of the Montessori Centre International UK, in addition to offering Australian and British degrees in early childhood education. The diploma curriculum undergoes regular review to ensure alignment with industry demands.

Our academic team also receives international training in countries like Iran, Korea, Myanmar, Vietnam, and China. As a student at SEGi, you'll engage in a learning journey that extends beyond classroom boundaries from the very first semester, immersing yourself in early childhood settings. Through assignments, you'll demonstrate your evolving competencies in delivering effective early childhood experiences. Upon graduation, you'll find opportunities in Malaysia, Singapore, and China. Moreover, our diploma program offers pathways to enter the second year of a degree program in early childhood education.





S$ 6,317
Local students
S$ 15,449
Foreign students

Estimated cost as reported by the Institution.


Data not available
Local students
Data not available
Foreign students

Student Visa

Data not available
Foreign students

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Entry Requirements

  • SPM / O-Level or equivalent with 3 credits
    UEC with 3 credits
    Related SKM Level 3
    Related Certificate or equivalent


Year 1

Understanding the Child’s Growth & Development
Effective Learning Spaces for Young Children
Play & Learning for Young Children
Physical Education & Health Care for Young Children
Academic English
Inclusion in Early Childhood
Observation & Assessment in Early Childhood
Curriculum Planning & Development for Young Children
Creativity for Young Children
Applied Digital Skills
Malaysia Studies 2 (Local students)
Elective 1
Safety & Well-being for Young Children
Global Citizenship for Young Children

Year 2

Classroom and Behaviour Management
Language & Literacy for Young Children
Mathematics for Young Children
Growth Mindset/ Bahasa Kebangsaan A*
Science & Technology for Young Children
Spiritual & Moral Values for Young Children
Practicum 1
Elective 2: An Introduction to Montessori Pedagogy
Industrial Revolution 4.0 in Malaysia (NEW)
Programme Planning and Development in Early Childhood
Administration and Management in Early Childhood
Partnering with Families and Community

Year 3

Professionalism in Early Childhood
Co-curriculum management
Practicum 2

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