Bachelor of Business Administration in Professional Accountancy

Chinese University of Hong Kong
Hong Kong, New Territories
Bachelor's Degree
Study mode
4 years
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Entry Requirements

General Requirements (Notes)

1. Applicants shall be eligible to apply if they:

*have obtained in one sitting of the GCE Advanced Level Examination pass grades in no less than three Advanced Level subjects (Applicants with pass grades in 2 Advanced Level and 2 Advanced Subsidiary Level subjects may also apply)*; OR

*have acquired an International Baccalaureate Diploma (check preferred subject requirements of the programmes)*; OR

*possess a qualification obtained outside Hong Kong which qualifies them for university admission in the country/region where such qualification is originated (e.g. high school diploma plus SAT in USA, UEC / STPM in Malaysia, ATAR in Australia, OSSD in Canada, GSAT in Taiwan, etc.); OR

have successfully completed:

*at least one year of full-time undergraduate study at a recognized university; OR

*a course of study leading to the qualification of an associate degree / higher diploma; OR

*are mature persons aged 23 or over on 1st September in the year when admission is sought, provided they are able to show either by publication or by other acceptable evidence that they have achieved sufficient competence in their chosen field of study to justify admission; or have shown exceptional ability in appropriate academic or professional fields; OR

*have other exceptional achievements which merit admission.

For candidates who have completed only GCE-AS or the first year of IB Diploma studies with outstanding results, they may be considered for admission under special circumstances on individual merits case-by-case.


2. Language Requirement

Applicants should have attained an acceptable level of proficiency in English. Below are the minimum required scores or grades for some of the more common acceptable examinations.

Test (English Language) Minimum Attainment

GCE-AL/AS          E


IB            4

IELTS      6.0

SAT Reasoning Test Essay             8


- Paper 550

- Computer         213

- Internet            80

In addition to the General Requirements, including the Language Requirement, individual programmes may have additional or higher requirements. Please refer to the website(s) of the respective programme(s) to which you wish to apply for admission for updates on the programme requirements.



Students admitted on GCE A-level / IB or equivalent qualifications (e.g. STPM) will normally be required to complete 99 units of courses (normative period of study is 3 years) in order to graduate. Students admitted on standing below GCE A-level / IB qualification (e.g. qualifications obtained outside Hong Kong for admission to 4-year undergraduate programmes of an overseas university) will normally be required to complete 123 units of courses (normative period of study is 4 years) in order to graduate. There are yet some other programmes that are offered as a standard four-year or five-year programme.


Additional Considerations

Applicants are:

1.expected to possess keen interests, suitable talents or academic background to make a unique contribution to the cultural diversity on campus;

2.recommended to take TOEFL, IELTS or another acceptable language test, if English is not their native language;

3.expected to be able to support themselves financially during all periods of enrolment




























Course Code      Course Title        Unit(s)

ACCT2111            Introductory Financial Accounting            3

ACCT2121            Introductory Management Accounting  3

ACCT3001            Business Ethics and Issues           2

ACCT3111            Financial Reporting I       3

ACCT3112            Financial Reporting II      3

ACCT3121            Cost and Management Accounting          3

ACCT3141            Accounting Information Systems              3

ACCT3151            Business Law     3

ACCT3152            Company Law    3

ACCT3161            Taxation               3

ACCT4011            Financial Accounting Studies       3

ACCT4111            Advanced Financial Accounting  3

ACCT4131            Auditing               3

DSME2011           Statistical Analysis for Business Decisions              4

FINA2010             Financial Management  3

MGNT4010         Business Policy and Strategy       3

MKTG2010          Marketing Management              3

ACCT3281            Accounting and Financial Planning            3

ACCT4211            Accounting Information in Capital Market             3

ACCT4212            China Business Valuation and Analysis    3

ACCT4213            Financial Statement Analysis       3

ACCT4231            Internal Auditing and Control     3

ACCT4241            Accounting and e-Commerce     3

ACCT4251            Securities Regulation      3

ACCT4252            Corporate Insolvency and Restructuring                3

ACCT4253            Chinese Legal Environment for Business               3

ACCT4261            Taxes and Business Strategy       3

ACCT4271            Corporate Governance 3

ACCT4281            Applied Accounting and Financial Strategies        3

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