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Study Architecture, Building and Planning in Singapore

Courses regarding architecture are extremely rival, where practical training takes place a lot. If you are a Malaysian student interested in this area of study, read on!

A country is often represented by its iconic building and some of the famous examples are Petronas Twin Towers in Malaysia, Taipei 101 in Taiwan and Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

Do you know how these buildings became the icon that represents their countries?

If you dream of building such iconic buildings that makes its country proud, then you should consider studying architecture, building and planning. 

Read on to find out more about studying Architecture, Building and Planning and what it can offer you.

What is Architecture, Building and Planning about?

Architecture is the combination of both art and science fields in the process of planning, designing, and constructing buildings. Whether you are an architect or an interior designer, every role in this field are strongly linked despite the difference in their disciplines. 

What are the major fields in Architecture, Building and Planning?


Architecture is the art or practice of designing and constructing buildings and the architectural works are often perceived as cultural symbols.

The designer, an architect “paints” his/her works on our land instead of a canvas.

Besides designing a building aesthetically, an architect must make sure that the building is safe and functional by applying his/her knowledge in art, science and technology.


A degree in building and construction covers the study of building materials, techniques, building economics, quantity surveying and property development to give you knowledge in planning, creating, maintaining and conserving buildings.

It plays a very important role in the safety of the buildings and constructions.

Knowledges that are needed includes Construction Law, project management, anatomy of buildings, construction site operations, etc.

Landscape and Garden Design

Landscape and garden design plays an important role in increasing the quality of life by designing parks, gardens, campuses, trails and streetscapes that help define a community.

A landscape architect analyze, plan and design the built and natural environment with their knowledge in architecture, botany, geography, ecology and other disciplines.

These knowledge are useful in the design process to enhance the natural beauty of a space and provide environmental benefits.

Urban Planning

Urban planning, also known as urban and regional planning, is the design of land use according to the built environment including air, water, transportation, communications and distribution network.

The goal of urban planning is to optimize the effectiveness of a community’s land use and infrastructure.

It can be split into subcategories such as land-use planning, zoning, economic development, environmental planning and transportation planning. 

What are the important skills I need in this field?

Skyscrapers covered in fog.

Architecture, building and planning is a very interesting field as it is a field with the combination of arts and science.

Before you decide to pursue your career in this field, perhaps you might want to check out whether you are equipped with the important skills to shine in this field. 


Creativity is essential in a design process, which is what an architect does in their job: designing buildings.

Every piece of art is the result of creativity and so is an architectural work. It is important that one can showcase his/her creativity by jumping out of the box and not be bound in the process of designing to stand out in this field as every architecture work should be a piece of art. 


Mathematics is often a basic prerequisite to enrol in any degree which is related to architecture, building and planning.

A strong mathematical skills are crucial to ensure the safety of a building and the cost of a construction project is within its budget.

If you are struggling with Mathematics, you might want to improve them as it is an essential skill in this field. 

Team work

When working on a construction project, there are so many people who are involved including the architects, the construction team, the surveyors and planning officials.

Everyone plays an important role in the success of a project. Therefore, it is important to be a team player when you are working in this field as there are many times that you will need to liaise with your project partners. 

Communication skills

Communication skills are very important no matter what field you are in and it has no exception in this field. You will be meeting a lot of people including clients, lawyers, construction managers, surveyors, contractors and many more.

Good communication skills will ensure that everyone’s needs are met and the delivery of a project will be carried out successfully and effectively.

What are the entry requirements and qualifications?

Architecture blueprint.

Every institution has different requirements for admission into an architecture, building and planning programme and the entry requirements are different for different levels of studies too.

Generally, the requirements to study in Singapore are:

Foundation, Diploma

  • English Language
  • Elementary, Additional or Advanced Mathematics
  • Science subjects

Bachelor’s Degree

  • 1119- minimum C6
  • IELTS - 6.5 overall with 6.5 in Reading and Writing components
  • MUET - 200
  • TOEFL - 580 for paper-based / 92-93 for internet-based

Master’s Degree

  • Completed at least a Bachelor Degree (Honors) in related area
  • TOEFL - minimum of 600 for Paper based test or 100 for internet based test
  • IELTS- minimum 6.5

How long will I be studying in this programme?

The duration of study in architecture, building and planning programme is different depending on your level of study.

Here are the duration of the programme listed according to their study levels:

Level of Study Duration
Foundation/ Diploma 1 - 2  years
Bachelor’s Degree 2 - 4 years
Master’s Degree 1 - 2 years

2 - 5 years

How much does it cost to study Architecture, Building and Planning?

Programme Estimated Fees (USD)
Foundation/Diploma 7110
Bachelor’s Degree
5700 - 60960
Master’s Degree 43880 - 69750
PhD 43880

What are the job opportunities?

There are many job options available for a graduate with Architecture, Building and Planning background as the degree could be useful for many jobs like:

  • Interior designer
  • Urban designer
  • Urban planner
  • Architect
  • Landscape designer
  • Construction manager
  • Real estate
  • Building surveyor
  • Structural engineer
  • Specification writer
  • Project manager
  • Workplace consultant

Which recognised universities offer Architecture, Building and Planning in Singapore?

It might be a hard decision to make when it comes to choosing the best university to pursue your dream in architecture, building and planning.

Therefore, we have listed the top architecture schools in Singapore here:

  1. National University of Singapore
  2. Nanyang Polytechnic
  3. Singapore Polytechnic
  4. Ngee Ann Polytechnic
  5. Singapore University of Technology and Design
  6. Republic Polytechnic
  7. Trent Global College

National University of Singapore

National University of Singapore (NUS) is ranked 23rd in the world and offers single-degree, masters, doctoral and graduate diploma programs. 

Supporting cutting edge architectural practice and research relevant to a global Asian context, NUS architecture has a long-standing reputation as the top Asian architecture school.

Nanyang Polytechnic 

Nanyang Polytechnic is a well known Polytechnic in Singapore which offers full time diploma courses including Diploma in Architecture and foundation programmes.

It provides plenty of student-centric resources, services, and facilities and a conducive environment for student's growth.

In year 2017/2018, Nanyang Polytechnic has enrolled a whopping 14,734 students among 7 different schools like School of Design, School of Engineering, School of Information Technology, etc. 

Singapore Polytechnic

Established in 1954, Singapore Polytechnic comprises of 10 academic schools with a student enrollment of 17,000 full-time and part-time diploma and foundation programmes students.

It is the first polytechnic in Singapore to adopt the design thinking approach pedagogy across a diverse range of courses to broaden student’s learning experience.

Singapore Polytechnic is also the first institution to receive the highest accolade in Singapore for achievements in the field of environmental sustainability.

Ngee Ann Polytechnic

Ngee Ann Polytechnic currently offers 44 full-time diploma courses and three common entry programmes through nine academic schools and various part time programmes.

The programmes in Ngee Ann Polytechnic are designed to enthuse students with a love for learning, while equipping them with the skills to thrive in the workforce of the future.

Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s campus also has top notch facilities and recreational areas for students to feel at home.

Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD)

Source: Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD)

SUTD aims to be a leading research-intensive global university focused on technology and design by embracing the best of East and West to drive knowledge creation and innovation.

It also has collaboration with several globally renowned institutions like Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Zhejiang University (ZJU) and Singapore Management University (SMU).

Republic Polytechnic (RP)

First established in 2002, Republic Polytechnic has grown from an initial enrollment of 800 to 14,000 students.

RP has seven schools offering courses in Applied Science, Engineering, Management and Communication, Hospitality, Technology for the Arts and many more, including a wide range of part-time programmes.

Trent Global College

Trent Global College offers courses for different entry levels like diploma, A-levels and Bachelor’s Degree.

It has gained local and international accreditations after its establishment in 2002. It is located strategically right above a MRT station which is easily accessible for students staying in different parts of Singapore.

It offers Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Bachelor and Master programmes for Building and Environment courses.


Universities with courses in Architecture, Building

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