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To be an English Major, or not to be?

November 11, 2021


Research done in 2011 shows that Malaysia ranked the highest in proficiency in English as compared to other Asian countries. As such, it is a favourite country for many international corporate giants to expand their businesses on this side of the world. Thus, having good English skills is almost always highly expected of Malaysians especially in this era of globalisation.

Without a doubt, choosing the English language as a major is one of the popular choices among graduating high school students in Malaysia. There’s more to the field than improving your grammar and structure. You will also learn about the history of the language and its importance in today’s setting. Not only are you able to improve your skill in the language, but you can also increase your marketability to secure better job opportunities, locally and internationally. UNIRAZAK’s English programmes offer many advantages, especially here in Malaysia where thriving organisations are always expecting graduates to be fluent and skilful in more than just one language. Let’s see in what ways UNIRAZAK can increase your employability with our English programmes.

  1. 5-star rank by SETARA

The Kuala Lumpur's Premier School of Business, Government and Education, Universiti Tun Abdul Razak (UNIRAZAK) has recently been accorded by the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia with a 5-Star Setara rating under the Very Competitive category. The ranking is designed to recognise the strength in diversity as well as in each core function of the individual higher education institution. Offering almost 100 different courses and programs, UNIRAZAK continues to work hard in ensuring that they deliver high-quality education and produce 90% employability within only 6 months of graduation.

  1. Beyond Physical Classes

With the pandemic still going on and many are still waiting to be vaccinated, you can’t afford to wait around and delay your academic progress. Blended learning, also known as hybrid learning, is a teaching method that integrates technology into your usual physical classes, which is an absolute necessity now that a global health crisis is going on. In adapting to the new normal, everyone in the education sector is working hard to figure out the best ways to ensure every student’s education journey is efficient. Meanwhile, UNIRAZAK has always been ready to cater to the industry’s growing demand by prepping our graduates to be future-ready. With that purpose in mind, UROX was long established as our online learning platform as a practical step to adapt Razakians to the Age of Information and ensure that online teaching and learning can be more exciting, stimulating and engaging for both students and teachers at UNIRAZAK. UROX is backed by a dedicated team that works continuously to ensure the system’s effectiveness and efficiency from time to time. The team also works hand-in-hand with the academic team to provide up-to-date, stimulating and high-quality learning materials. Without having to worry about the technicality and issues that may come with online learning, you can now focus on your pursuit of success.

At UNIRAZAK, we realise the importance of conventional face-to-face interaction between teachers and students while they are experiencing real university life. Being strategically located in the city centre, you don’t have to worry about commuting for classes. UNIRAZAK is located right near the LRT station that’s connected to all major routes and is only a few minutes away on foot. Meet up with your study buddies over lunch at the campus cafe or get your cravings fixed with hundreds of choices of contactless deliveries. To ensure the safety of our #Razakians, our campus is sanitised regularly with a strict adherence to the SOP as advised by the World Health Organization (WHO) so that our students will feel safe being around the campus and use the facilities provided with no worries.

  1. Expert teaching staff because #URSuccessisOurSuccess

UNIRAZAK gathers many experts from their respective fields to form an effective teaching community for the benefit of the students. The teaching staff of the English Department at the School of Education and Humanities, UNIRAZAK is composed of language professionals with years of experience who are more than ready to impart their wisdom to you. You can benefit from their theoretical knowledge and their hands-on activities relevant to the current industry’s demands. You know what they say, “Best teachers know how to bring out the best in their students”.

  1. With a bachelor’s or master’s degree at UNIRAZAK, the sky's the limit!

Did you know that CEOs prefer to hire graduates with liberal arts degrees? English graduates have a lot to offer prospective employers in the 21st century, including well-developed communication skills, the ability to work independently, flexibility and adaptability. With a Bachelor’s Degree in English, you would be entering the job market with multitudes of possibilities. From copywriters to public relations manager, from journalist to publisher, or even a marketing specialist, you can be anything you want to be. Have a knack for teaching? UNIRAZAK offers a Master’s in Teaching English as a Second Language too so you can open up opportunities for you to contribute towards the younger generation as tutors, teachers, academicians of higher education, or even policymakers of the education sector. A Chinese proverb mentions, “To learn a language is to have another window to look at the world.” 

Like many other things, a bright future begins with a bright start. English programmes at UNIRAZAK can be your bright start towards achieving your hopes and dreams towards success. And the time to start is now. Register today at UNIRAZAK



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