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Student Testimonials: Why I Chose Malaysia as My Higher Education Destination?

April 15, 2024


why I chose Malaysia?

In the constantly evolving landscape of education, Malaysia stands out as a premier destination for international students in pursuit of academic excellence and a rewarding experience.

This reputation is owed to Malaysia's reputation for high-quality education, rich cultural diversity, strategic location, and affordable cost of living.

However, while these factors may serve as compelling reasons, some students studying in Malaysia may hold differing opinions. 

To explore this further, we conducted interviews with several international students currently studying in Malaysia to understand their motivations for choosing the country as their higher education destination.

Let's read this article to uncover the stories of these individuals who have selected Malaysia for their higher education journey.

Why these students chose Malaysia as their higher education destination?

Ahmad: The Master's pursuer alongside his family

why I chose Malaysia

Our interview starts with Ahmad, a Saudi Arabian student currently pursuing a Master's degree in Malaysia.

What distinguishes Ahmad's journey is his decision to undertake this academic pursuit alongside his family on this remarkable endeavor.

Ahmad's choice to pursue his master's degree in Malaysia was significantly influenced by the progressive policies of the country. Unlike many other nations, Malaysia warmly welcomes master's and Ph.D. students, providing them with the opportunity to bring their families along.

"Malaysia's policies are unlike what we've observed elsewhere. Here, postgraduate students are allowed to bring their families along. This is good, because I can stay close to them while pursuing my Master's degree," Ahmad explained to us.

Ahmad also mentioned Malaysia's welcoming nature and cultural diversity. While adapting to a new country can be challenging, the friendly locals and vibrant of Malaysia made Ahmad and his family feel at ease, transforming their experience in Malaysia into a pleasant one.

Additionally, Ahmad underscores the opportunities available to postgraduate students in Malaysia. The academic institutions and modern facilities provide an ideal environment for advanced studies and research.

"With these facilities and expertise available, I believe that international postgraduate students can have a rewarding academic experience."

Through Ahmad's narrative, Malaysia emerges not solely as a destination for higher education but as a place where academic pursuits seamlessly intertwine with the presence of his family, enriching his educational journey.

Hwa Young: The affordability cost of living in Malaysia

why I chose Malaysia

We also interviewed a South Korean student named Hwa Young, whose reason for choosing Malaysia as her study destination is the affordable cost of living.

For Hwa Young, the affordability of living in Malaysia emerged as a crucial factor that greatly influenced her decision-making process regarding international education.

Hwa Young's experience reflects the reality that costs often play a key role in shaping the decisions of international students. 

These financial considerations encompass not only tuition fees but also everyday expenses that contribute to the overall cost of living.

In Malaysia, Hwa Young found a particularly favorable economic environment that allowed her to maintain a comfortable lifestyle without compromising on quality.

"One of the best parts about studying in Malaysia is how affordable it is to live here. The monthly cost of living in Malaysia ranged from 500 to 1000 USD, which is really reasonable compared to other places."

She explained further, "I am able to manage my expenses without stressing too much about money. It means I can focus more on my studies and still have enough left over to enjoy life." 

Through her story, Hwa Young not only emphasizes the financial feasibility of pursuing education in Malaysia but also highlights the value proposition that the country offers – a blend of quality education and a cost-effective living environment.

Alimzhan: His interest towards Malaysia’s nature

Have you ever encountered an international student who chose a study destination based on the country's beautiful natural environment?

It's quite uncommon, but we discovered such a student when interviewing a student from Kyrgyzstan, who enjoys exploring Malaysia's natural landscapes during his free time.

For Alimzhan, Malaysia isn't just about academics; it's also a wonderful place where students can appreciate its beautiful scenery, including its beaches and rainforests.

"In my opinion, Malaysia offers a lot in terms of natural beauty. Its beaches and rainforests are not only visually appealing, but they also provide me with relaxation," Alimzhan remarked.

"Yes, I came to Malaysia for my studies, but after experiencing its beauty, I've found it to be the perfect escape from academic stress, even if just for a short while. Who would have guessed that Malaysia had such breathtaking places?"

Alimzhan's experiences highlight that education doesn't solely revolve around academic learning—it also involves gaining an understanding of the country.

By immersing himself in Malaysia's natural beauty and cultural richness, Alimzhan explained that these experiences have impacted both his personal and academic growth.

Mariya: Overcoming her lack of English proficiency

As an international student in Malaysia, encountering obstacles, such as language barrier and culture adaptation, are inevitable. This experience is illustrated by Mariya, a Russian student who successfully overcame such challenges.

Despite the obstacles, Mariya found significant support from both universities and local students in overcoming these challenges.

"The university provided me with language classes to improve my English, and with the help of local students, my English skills have improved greatly."

"My local friends didn't mock my English; instead, they corrected me without humiliating my language skills. 

I felt appreciated, and thanks to their support, I was able to overcome the language barrier while studying here. 

Moreover, with a better understanding of English, I found it easier to grasp the local culture. I could ask them questions and understand explanations about Malaysian customs and norms," she explained, expressing her gratitude to both her university and friends for their continuous support.

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The narratives of Ahmad, Hwa Young, Alimzhan, and Mariya collectively contribute to portraying Malaysia as more than just a place of academic learning. 

As prospective students contemplate their higher education choices, Malaysia emerges as a prime example of a country that recognizes the different needs of international students. 

It is a destination where academic excellence seamlessly integrates with cultural diversity, personal development and academic accomplishments.

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