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Study Mass Communication and Media in Malaysia

Communication is the most crucial thing no matter what industry or sector. Learn how to effectively communicate and interact with everyone inside and outside the company

Communication is the most crucial aspect of any industry or sector you are in. Learn how to effectively communicate and interact with everyone inside and outside the company

If you are interested in studying mass communication and media in Malaysia, you are in luck. Malaysia has a great variety of high-quality universities available for foreign students. Dreaming of becoming a journalist, news reporter or a Social Media manager? These are just some examples of jobs which are waiting for you after you graduate with a degree in mass communication and media. Degree programmes in these subjects will prepare you for a satisfying and fulfilling media career.

Why study MassComm in Malaysia?

The field of mass communication and media is all about connecting and networking with people. What better place to do that than in Malaysia, one of Southeast Asia’s most multicultural nations? In fact, BBC has even called Malaysia, ‘Asia’s melting pot’. So even the environment outside the classroom is conducive for learning, as you interact with people from different backgrounds on a daily basis, whether you’re at the kopitiam (coffee shop) in the morning, the roadside gerai (stall) in the afternoon, and the mamak (eating place that serves Indian cuisine) at night. Yes, a lot of great Malaysian interaction revolves around meals, which is surely fantastic news for all you food lovers out there. The main takeaway is, you will learn how to be an effective, culturally-insightful communicator not just in theory, but in practice too.

Mass communication and media courses are available in various levels in Malaysia. You can take a certificate, diploma, degree or even a Masters in it, depending on which stage you are currently at in your student life. Malaysian Universities have also ranked highly worldwide for their communication courses. In the 2018 QS World University Rankings for communication and media studies, Universiti Malaya, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia and Universiti Sains Malaysia were included among the 200 institutions on the list for their academic reputation, employer reputation and number of citations per paper.

Malaysia’s entertainment and media (E&M) industry is also rising very fast. Here are the stats: according to professional services firm PricewaterhouseCoopers, Malaysia’s E&M industry is projected to grow at a rate of 6.4% from 2014 to 2019, compared to the 5.1% experienced by the overall international market. In other words, the growth rate of Malaysia’s E&M market is higher than the global average – if you are thinking about working in Malaysia, this expansion could mean more potential areas in the field that you can tap into once you graduate! So, if you were to study mass communication and media in Malaysia now, you would be part of the country’s E&M boom. Additionally, there are annual award ceremonies such as the prestigious Malaysian Kancil Awards and Marketing Excellence Awards as well as the regional Festival of Media APAC Awards that recognise super talents in the field, and encourage the industry’s continuous development, accomplishments and excellence.

Choosing the University that is Best for You

There are many universities where you can study mass communication and media. One of your options is SEGi University in Kota Damansara. This sizable private University has an extensive communication programme available for you. Students of communication studies can learn a lot through classes that revolve around new media and communication, mass communication and even corporate communication. Not only that, there are also broadcast media and mass communication diploma options available to students. Examples of subjects you can expect to learn include corporate writing, video production, media law and media technology. During your studies, many other subjects will be taught and discussed, to make sure that you are fully prepared after you graduate.

Another university which is a good fit for students interested in studying media is the prestigious UCSI University. UCSI University has a mass communication degree programme that enables students to study for a three years BA (Hons) degree. During the programme, you will learn everything about mass communication and its place in today’s society where mass communication is more important than ever. The core courses include expository writing, basic photography and visual communication. Furthermore, students are also required to take introductory courses in public speaking and in mass communication as part of their core needs. Other classes that are part of the university’s communication department include those that cover organisational behaviour, consumer behaviour, feature writing, documentary production and spoken discourse.

Universiti Teknologi MARA in Selangor is yet another educational option for students who are passionate about media and mass communication. The university has an in-depth communication and media studies department. The department offers Bachelor’s Degree programmes, Master’s Degree programmes and even diplomas. The courses discuss everything from electronic media to creative development and beyond.

Cost of studying Mass Communication and Media in Malaysia

The tuition cost to study media and mass communication in Malaysia is significantly less than in other parts of the world, especially compared to the tuition fees at United States, UK and Australian institutions. To give you an idea of the costs, a Bachelor’s Degree for this course in a prestigious Malaysian public university like Universiti Sains Malaysia is just USD 11,000 while it costs about USD 14,000 in a private university like UCSI University. As prices will vary from institution to institution, you can use EasyUni to easily search for and compare mass communication courses from various universities. Take into account additional costs for your course, including course materials, access to institution facilities, visa and medical insurance related fees.



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