BSc in Computer Science (Computer Network)

Wyzsza Szkola Biznesu – National Louis University (WSB-NLU)
Bachelor's Degree
Study mode
3 years
September February
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Entry Requirements

  • An essential element of recruitment for regular studies is a test of language skills qualifying a candidate for an appropriate language level from which the student will start studying. Language tests are held from August to September. Graduates from foreign secondary schools run according to American or British system and people who took international maturity exam are exempt from the language test.
  • Not taking part in the language test means that you resign from foreign language courses in the first semester of studies. Candidates for studies in English are required to know this language at least on the level of Business English as a Foreign Language – level 1 (upper-intermediate). People who do not fulfill this requirement will be admitted for the same program of studies, but in Polish language.


  • English
  • Algebra and geometry 
  • Discrete Mathematics 
  • Informatics tools 
  • Addiction Prevention
  • Safety training and P / POŻ 
  • WF 1
  • Introduction to Computer Science 
  • Introduction to Programming 
  • Algorithms and Data Structures 
  • Programming 1 
  • Subject Humanities and Social Sciences 1
  • Differential and Integral Calculus 
  • Operating Systems I 
  • WF 2
  • Physic
  • Fundamentals of software engineering 
  • Programming 2 
  • Database design I 
  • Probability and Statistics 
  • Computer Networks I 
  • Theoretical Foundations of Computer Scienc
  • Automata and translation 
  • Operational Research 
  • The security of computer systems 
  • Computer Graphics 
  • Specialization Course 5
  • Fundamentals of Electronics and Metrolog
  • Programming on the Web 
  • Lecture Specialization II 
  • Econometrics 
  • Business Ethics and technology 
  • Organization and Computer Architecture 
  • Specialization Laboratory 
  • Subject Humanities and Social Sciences 
  • Embedded system
  • Decision support systems 
  • Lecture Specialization III 
  • Specialization Lecture I
  • Lecture Specialization 
  • Human-computer interactio
  • Specialization Course 1
  • Specialization Course 4
  • Specialization Laboratory 
  • Apprenticeships
  • Seminar - Engineering 
  • Information systems management 
  • Specialization course 2
  • Specialization Course 3
  • Numerical Methods 
  • Subject to technical choi
  • Seminar - Engineering 
  • Lecture Specialization I 

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