BSc - Electrical and Computer Engineering

University of Kiel
Bachelor's Degree
Study mode
42 months
April October
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Entry Requirements

General university

The university entrance is acquired by, among other things:

  • the school in general education schools,
  • the school to vocational high schools (with a second foreign language).

The general university authorized to study all subjects at the university. 

Subject-specific higher education

The technical university is a higher education qualification, which entitles them to study in certain subjects or courses of study at universities 
in contrast to the general university entrance includes the technical university (the qualification for high school), only one foreign language. the technical university is to generally by the audit:

  • a two-year vocational high school ( vocational high school regulation ),
  • an academy,
  • some vocational schools,
  • Professional colleges or
  • a gifted test  


The bachelor's program includes modules of the areas "Technical compulsory modules" (147 LP), "Technical specialization modules" (12 LP), "practical and a project" (17 LP), "Non-Technical Module" (8 LP), an industrial internship (14 LP) and the Bachelor's thesis (12 LP). The study volume of more than 134 hours per week and 210 credits.

In the "Technical specialization modules" can be selected in addition to the advanced modules and core and specialization modules of the master program Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, which are identified in the module manual of the master program as suitable for undergraduates.

The "Non-Technical Module" includes the compulsory module "Technical English" and modules with a total of at least 4 credits of free choice from the range of Christian-Albrechts-University.

The internship has a temporal scope ten weeks and is in the range of the aim pursued this bachelor professional field ( "ingenieurnah") to complete. Details are governed by the Internship Regulations for Students of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at the Christian Albrecht University.

In the first three semesters is German language instruction and examination. From the fourth semester courses and examinations can be offered in German or English.

The modular examination will determine whether the student has achieved the learning outcomes of a module. The module examinations take place during studies and may consist of one or more examinations. The type and number of examinations to be services are governed by the examination regulations.

The Bachelor examination is passed if all module examinations required by the exam regulations and the thesis existed and thus the required number of credits earned.

The normal period for the single-subject Bachelor in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology is 7 semesters.

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