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American University in Bulgaria


​AUBG Offers New Electives to Meet Student Demand and Modern Trends in Education

27 Oct 2016

The American University in Bulgaria started the new academic year with a number of new elective courses. The move came in response to the latest trends in global education and the increasing student interest in a diverse, practically-oriented curriculum.  

As of Fall ’16 the Department of Computer Science will offer 1-credit weekend courses taught by alumni.

COS 397A Special Topics - Cloud Computing with Microsoft Azure is designed to provide understanding of the core concepts behind cloud computing that apply to all cloud vendors. It explores the main cloud service models: Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

COS 397B Special Topics - Advanced Database Models with Oracle covers the practical implications of today’s different database models and investigates the problem of different data models. It offers practical demonstrations and hands-on exercises with the latest Oracle DBMS while covering topics such as object-oriented data models, object-relational data models and semi-structured data models (XML).

INF 397B Special Topics - Angular 2 and jQuery focuses on version 2 of Angular JS and includes practical demonstrations and hands-on exercises in addition to the theoretical material.

INF 397A Special Topics - Full-Stack Web Technologies provides a broad and intense overview of modern web application development. Students will gain valuable hands-on experience with a wide variety of technologies, while learning about automation and software defined infrastructure and building modern front-end Solutions.

The Department of Business also has a number of new electives. Among them is ENT 300 Entrepreneurship, which will follow a step-by-step process from business problem identification to solution creation, company formation and business launch. The course also features intensive group work where students will be required to form entrepreneurial teams with the goal of launching a business by the end of the semester. This course will be hosted in the new Aspire Co-working space.

BUS 469 Digital Marketing provides an introduction to the key concepts, strategies and tactics used to leverage the power of the Internet as a marketing medium. BUS 449 Negotiations teaches the process of reaching an agreement within different contexts.

BUS 449b - Topics in Management: Global Management focuses on the challenges confronting firms that compete in the global environment. Using case studies, the course offers students opportunities to develop a strong understanding of what determines success and failure of international companies, an awareness of and interest in how institutions make decisions in the global context, the ability to analyze multi-national organizations and issues confronting them, and conduct critical analyses of “best practices” in the management of global organizations.

The Department of Politics and European Studies showcases two psychology classes. PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology provides a comprehensive introduction to the many sub-fields of psychology and covers basic psychological concepts. PSY 102 Introduction to Social Psychology covers basic social concepts such as group affiliation and behaviors, as well how people's social thoughts affect their feelings and behaviors in interacting with other persons.

JMC 397a - Special Topics: Digital Storytelling is among the newly-offered courses of the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication. It is an upper-level journalism-writing course that uses digital tools to tell personal stories in a compelling and emotionally engaging way, involving cross-cultural, creative non-fiction writing. The format is hands-on, interactive, and project-based. Students will publish their work and engage in critique sessions.

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